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Sell Your Energy Credits Here

You have a project that generates energy credits but don’t know what to do with them. We have the answer – set up your own auction and sell them. We will bring you right to the buyer’s desk.

European Energy Directive (EED) Compliance Sorted

We make compliance with Article 7 of the EED easy with our tailor made end to end service. Buy your energy credit via our auction platform and we do the rest

Buy Your Energy Credits Here

Ever wonder where your potential suppliers are? They’re here. Our auctions offer you a unique opportunity to streamline the buying process while enjoying lower transaction and administrative cost burdens.

Reduce the Likelihood of Buyouts and Penalties at the End of the Year

Meet Annual Non-Residential, Residential and Energy Poverty Targets

Energy Poverty

The Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme requires that obligated parties achieve new savings each year from January 1 2014 to December 31 2020 of 1.5% of the annual energy sales to final customers of all energy distributors and retail energy sales companies by volume. This target is sub-sectoralised as 75% savings in the non-residential sector, 20% in the residential sector and 5% in the energy povery sector.